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Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to ensure that you shop with confidence here in Dgreen. With us, your personal security is our number one priority. Our company's system is designed to protect your personal information against fraudulent entities from the web. Unauthorized purchases and suspicious actions in your account are directly reported to inform you about these actions. Our system is monitored 24/7 for top security. However in rare cases when we identify vulnerability in our system, we immediately take action to resolve the matter. We do not take chances when it comes to your safety. We value the loyalty of our customers with our products and committing small errors is never an option in our company.

Maintenance for our web page is done once in a while to ensure optimum performance are offered to you, our loyal customers. With this matter, we always make sure you are well informed a month before it's done. During the maintenance, we make sure that there are no information leaked and only the best programmers are hired to do the job. Our programmers are also monitored during the maintenance to ensure that there will be no breach in the information you've trusted us with.

In case you have concerns regarding privacy assurance, our customer service hotline is always there for your convenience. We explain our terms and conditions and how we do business with transparency and confidence. If you ever receive notifications outside our company, report it immediately to us and we will immediately take action about it. Our main storage of information in located in India under top level of security. We also hire trustworthy third parties to verify and certify our privacy principles. We know you breathe life to our business and you deserve nothing but the best service from us.